Types of events

Budget, sponsorship, venue, and accessibility – There are many things event creators should consider when planning an event.But back to the basics.The first thing you need to decide is the type of function you want to perform.Recently, virtual and hybrid events have become very popular and many types of live events can be held online.So what ideas for events are there?From virtual and corporate to fundraising events and festivals, here’s the truth about the most common categories.

Corporate Events

A corporate event is an activity organized by a company and is aimed at employees, customers, stakeholders, a charity or the public.The intended audience usually depends on what the purpose of the event is, for example, to launch a new product or service, celebrate the achievements of staff members, or demonstrate expertise in a specific field..

types of events

Some types of corporate events will be held quarterly or annually, while others may be a one-time activity, perhaps to coincide with an important announcement or to present an award.


A seminar is organized with a specific target audience in thought and aims to convey information of great relevance.This type of event can be held in a community space, your company headquarters, or even online through a platform like Zoom or Vimeo.Normally there is only one speaker.


Conferences tend to be much more complex events with multiple speakers and sessions in multiple spaces within one or more venues.Aiming to encourage conversations and offer people a platform to share their expertise, conferences are one of the most fruitful types of business networking events, usually starting with a main session before moving on to interviews, roundtables, and panel discussions.


While many business-to-business (B2B) events will be included in one of the three categories above, it’s also important to consider the value of workshops and training sessions, as they can help businesses connect with both staff and audiences.Whether you want to bring employees together to exchange ideas or help your target audience better understand your product, these types of corporate events offer the equivalent of a collaborative classroom where the emphasis is firmly on learning. Remember that we offer you the opportunity to live a group experience thanks to our escape room,specially designed to work as a team.

workshops for companies

Choose an activity that comes with a place


Choose an activity that comes with a place

This is the easiest, but most expensive option as you won’t need to bring anything and you may need to consider it when choosing your theme. There are so many places you can rent that they can come with pre-made party packages. Here is a list of possible options sorted by type of activity:

  • Enjoy some food and drink: The obvious choice for this category is to choose a restaurant to meet at (remember, some restaurants are more interactive than others, such as the melting pot or a hibachi restaurant), you can keep it a little cheaper. choosing a coffee shop, but you can also consider a cooking class (iron chef style, how to make pasta, sushi, etc.), or do a private tasting (breweries, wineries, chocolatiers and any specialty shop).
  • Be creative: There are so many businesses these days that offer creative classes, you can work with the owner to coordinate your own class which could consist of: handwriting, jewelry making, ceramics, glassblowing, greeting card design or more.
disco barcelona
  • Stay active: If you’re tired of sitting around the house, choosing a place that helps you get up and move around can be fun. You can find a dance studio (salsa, swing, pole, etc.), a rock climbing gym, a laser tag studio, a bowling alley or a minigolf course to invite your friends.

Or you could even visit a game room (which doesn’t fit into any of the above categories). The options for choosing an outdoor spot are truly endless. Think about where you like to hang out and what activities you do that you’d like to invite a friend to, and that will help you narrow down your list.



Rent a room

Renting a place is definitely a good option, but you need to bring all the things in yourself. That said, this is usually an inexplained option, especially if you can find a place where you can bring all the food and drink yourself. You can rent a room specially designed for events or something more versatile, such as multipurpose rooms that are adapted for all types of events. You should be able to search the venue’s websites to find more details, and if you can’t find anything, you can always call.

multipurpose room terrassa
Example of multipurpose room. In this case, it is clear that it is not the best option to hold a private event, especially if there are children in the event.

You can also think about the option of places where you already visit on a regular basis, the places where you are a regular are more likely to let you in to use the place (even if it is not specially designed for events). For example, a hairdresser. (Yes, you can even choose a hairdresser as a place, any space that has the vibe you’re looking for.)

hairdressing room



The time has come! You have to hold a private event and you need to make an important decision: Where to do it? Currently the option of private venues for events is extensive, so from here we are going to give you a series of recommendations to be able to choose correctly.

local location events barcelona


It is very important that all guests can access the location easily. In the case of Barcelona, where many people are used to getting around using the metro or train, the fact that the place is located near the station is very helpful. For example, the event hall in Barcelona is located very close to the Sagrera station.

parking barcelona events


Another point to keep in mind is the difficulty presented by most areas of Barcelona to be able to park. In the case of the Sagrera neighborhood, the SAV station is currently being built and this means that a good part of the territory is with public parking areas.

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