Choose an activity that comes with a place


Choose an activity that comes with a place

This is the easiest, but most expensive option as you won’t need to bring anything and you may need to consider it when choosing your theme. There are so many places you can rent that they can come with pre-made party packages. Here is a list of possible options sorted by type of activity:

  • Enjoy some food and drink: The obvious choice for this category is to choose a restaurant to meet at (remember, some restaurants are more interactive than others, such as the melting pot or a hibachi restaurant), you can keep it a little cheaper. choosing a coffee shop, but you can also consider a cooking class (iron chef style, how to make pasta, sushi, etc.), or do a private tasting (breweries, wineries, chocolatiers and any specialty shop).
  • Be creative: There are so many businesses these days that offer creative classes, you can work with the owner to coordinate your own class which could consist of: handwriting, jewelry making, ceramics, glassblowing, greeting card design or more.
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  • Stay active: If you’re tired of sitting around the house, choosing a place that helps you get up and move around can be fun. You can find a dance studio (salsa, swing, pole, etc.), a rock climbing gym, a laser tag studio, a bowling alley or a minigolf course to invite your friends.

Or you could even visit a game room (which doesn’t fit into any of the above categories). The options for choosing an outdoor spot are truly endless. Think about where you like to hang out and what activities you do that you’d like to invite a friend to, and that will help you narrow down your list.

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