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1 hour:
40 €

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65 €

3 hours:
85 €

I’d like a conference room for …

Sala de conferencias

Private celebration

If you want to have a birthday party, a meeting of friends or a private event for up to 50 people, this is your option. Choose the area:

team building actividades

Startup & Teambuilding

If you need a conference room or team building to join teams, we offer you a room prepared for escape rooms or virtual reality events.

salon para eventos

Conferences & Events

Spaces suitable for holding product exhibitions, religious events, classes, conference rooms and much more.

sala polivalente

Photography and filming

Our rooms are fully themed to be able to carry out photography sessions. The rooms in Barcelona also have different decorations to choose from so that the photographic session is original and fun. Specially designed for influencers and those who want better visibility on social networks.

Choose your space

sala en Barcelona

Choose between 4 rooms, the one that suits your needs. There are 2 rooms in Barcelona and 2 in Terrassa.


sala en Terrassa

We have a wide variety of extra options so that your event adapts 100% to what you want. Choose an escape room, a virtual reality event, or a fully equipped space.


team building actividades

Book with our calendar, contact 640.23.52.41 to confirm and enjoy!

sala de conferencias

Why choose the conference room?

Singular spaces

Each room is designed for different events and with extra options so you can customize it.

Competitive rates

Our spaces have an adjusted price. By choosing the option to pay by the hour, you only pay for what you need.

Customer Support

We are not an intermediary website. Book via web and contact us at 640.23.52.41 to confirm.


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