Types of events

Budget, sponsorship, venue, and accessibility – There are many things event creators should consider when planning an event.But back to the basics.The first thing you need to decide is the type of function you want to perform.Recently, virtual and hybrid events have become very popular and many types of live events can be held online.So what ideas for events are there?From virtual and corporate to fundraising events and festivals, here’s the truth about the most common categories.

Corporate Events

A corporate event is an activity organized by a company and is aimed at employees, customers, stakeholders, a charity or the public.The intended audience usually depends on what the purpose of the event is, for example, to launch a new product or service, celebrate the achievements of staff members, or demonstrate expertise in a specific field..

types of events

Some types of corporate events will be held quarterly or annually, while others may be a one-time activity, perhaps to coincide with an important announcement or to present an award.


A seminar is organized with a specific target audience in thought and aims to convey information of great relevance.This type of event can be held in a community space, your company headquarters, or even online through a platform like Zoom or Vimeo.Normally there is only one speaker.


Conferences tend to be much more complex events with multiple speakers and sessions in multiple spaces within one or more venues.Aiming to encourage conversations and offer people a platform to share their expertise, conferences are one of the most fruitful types of business networking events, usually starting with a main session before moving on to interviews, roundtables, and panel discussions.


While many business-to-business (B2B) events will be included in one of the three categories above, it’s also important to consider the value of workshops and training sessions, as they can help businesses connect with both staff and audiences.Whether you want to bring employees together to exchange ideas or help your target audience better understand your product, these types of corporate events offer the equivalent of a collaborative classroom where the emphasis is firmly on learning. Remember that we offer you the opportunity to live a group experience thanks to our escape room,specially designed to work as a team.

workshops for companies

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