Photography & Filming

In our rooms you will have the necessary space to carry out a professional photography & shooting session, taking the necessary hours.In the rooms are included the different existing decorations, as well as the space enabled that includes leisure areas with table football, target and a giant projector. In addition, you can have music since we have a sound system limited in power connected to a computer with an internet connection so that it is not necessary to bring your own music, although it is recommended in case there are connection problems. Our rooms are also themed, so you can choose between 4 different themes:

Hawiana Room in Barcelona, with decoration typical of the holidays, areas with floral decorations and decorative wooden elements.

Medieval Room in Barcelona, with a more rustic appearance, as well as characteristic elements of that time.

Mexican Room in Terrassa, enter a very original Mexican environment!

Sala Marinera in Terrassa, with a themed interior appearance.

With plenty of space!

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